Be Beau Hair - Brittany Hopkins owner of BeBeau Hair is a ghetto thief that calls herself a business woman!


Brittany Hopkins aka "Brielle" will steal your money instead of providing the extensions paid for.

Her hair is ordered from overseas and plays a middle man if she gets around to ordering your hair.

She sent my hair wet. Wtf! And said she fixed the weft

She pretends to run a legit business but her dba BeBeau Hair is not legit.

She has no values and doesn't care if you order $150 or $400 worth of hair as well as pay for hair to be shipped overnight

she will act like the post office makes a mistake and you will not receive your hair or a refund.

She also pretends to be someone else via fake email addresses and fake names and also seems to describe herself as sweet! She's a fake 21 yo that does dirty business practices looking to get over on people for their hard earned money.

She has been all over YouTube getting bloggers to speak about her hair. And she feels now she can lay low because she made the news in Texas.

Please DO NOT Purchase from her again! She's a nationwide scam artist!

Check it out for yourself:

Review about: Hair Extentions Aka Weave.

Be Beau Hair - Ripped Off for $300

Gambrills, Maryland 1 comment

Ordered April 1,2013.Was assured I would receive hair within a week to make my deadline.

4/12/13 I finally got a response and they claim to be overnighting my hair. Still no hair. I had to spend over $400 for hair from somewhere else plus pay a stylist I never used an addtl. $200 because I lost my appt due to lack of hair on 4/13/13.

Week later I get excuse about post office theft and that I would receive virgin brazilian wavy hair in addition to my previous order.

It is now May7,2013 and I still have no hair and no one has replied to my multiple emails, voice mails, facebook messages or instagram messages.I have a papertrail to prove everything!




Be Beau Hair - Do Not Purchase Hair From These People!!!!!


I contacted the owner to inquire about my order of hair extensions that was purchased online and through their website with Paypal accepting payments their payments.After a month passed, I called again to inquire about my order and was given a long drawn-out story of how they'd received so many orders that Paypal had shut down their site and my order was part of a number of order caught in the middle of transaction.

She said that they would refund my $160 and I could re-purchase through another source. I have posted on their Facebook page, called and submitted a refund invoice through Paypal and still no response. I am so "thankful" that the $160 won't make or break me; it's the principle of the situation that really *** me off. I hope this complaint reaches those who are thinking about purchasing from this website.

Don't do it!!!! They are small time group who felt the need to scam for chump change. Oh, I forgot. Once I called and the owner picked up and rushed me off the phone by stating that she was talking to the police and would call me back.

I still don’t know what talking to the police had to do with me.I don’t know this person, what do I care.



Didn't read the long crraap. No chance in hhelll I would buy hair from some nasty pube factory outlet called be beau, ew

Detroit, Michigan, United States #757210

Check her out on the news and google her company name BeBeau

Miss Brielle Brittany Hopkins is well known as a thief among those that sell virgin hair.

her full name is Brittany Hopkins.

she also uses her infant daughters name Laila Hopkins.

She's now selling rental real estate "unlicensed" and summer dresses now

she also has a fb page under "Wild Feather", "BeBeau Hair" & "Brielle Louise X" and has many fake emails, names and reviews that she has posted.

Using the email address and fake phone numbers using pinger.

She does not have an actual business location or consultants.

She's a one woman show and scam artist.

There needs to be a class action lawsuit against her.


Please contact me about this company!! I have had similar issues and would like to press charges

Troy, Michigan, United States #622681

It took some time but Be Beau hair did resolve my issues...Thanks Brielle


Similar thing happned to me who was the woman you purchased it from ?i git my money back maybe i can help you

to Utica, Michigan, United States #621632

I was ripped off as well..on february 23,2013.Please contact Attorney General Bill Schute make a complaint.

She took 235 from me and said she refunded it.

Not according to my debit card.If we complain they will investigate her.She is a med studentat Wayne State Better Business Bureau....please let's bring her company down....

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